Meet Our Staff

Our Doctors

Dr. Kim Ankrom, DVM

A native of southern Ohio, Dr. Ankrom grew up riding horses. Her love of animals led her to seek a career in veterinary medicine, first focusing on horses, but then shifting to smaller, domestic animals. After working for two years in mixed animal practice, she then joined a small animal emergency center in Champaign, Illinois before joining NCVEC in 2017. Dr. Ankrom loves the constant variety of cases in emergency medicine as well as being able to provide compassionate care to her patients and their owners through stressful situations. 

Dr. Ankrom and her husband reside in South Bend, Indiana with their three sons, their dog, Baily and a flock of backyard chickens. In her free time, Dr. Ankrom enjoys cooking, camping with her family, and riding horses when she gets a chance. 

Dr. Julia Goodman, DVM

Dr. Goodman started her undergraduate education in equine studies. While working with the staff veterinarian at Centenary College’s equine center, Dr. Goodman made the decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Goodman joined North Central Veterinary Emergency Center (NCVEC) after graduating from Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine. She appreciates the opportunity to provide quality patient care while helping pet owners make the best decisions for their family and their pets during the most difficult situations. In addition to her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Goodman is certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture.  

Dr. Goodman and her husband, Niles, share their lives with their dogs Morgan and Garth and horses Cleo and Caesar.  In her free time, Dr. Goodman enjoys riding and showing horses, traveling, and scuba diving. 

Dr. Amanda Mink, DVM, cVSMT, cVMA

Amanda  Mink

Dr. Mink grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Dr. Mink says “the best part of working at NCVEC is being able to provide exceptional patient care 24 hours a day while working with the most dedicated, talented and caring team in the field.” In addition to practicing emergency veterinary care, Dr. Mink provides chiropractic care to cats, dogs, and horses.  

Dr. Mink and her husband, Josh, live on a small farm with their Chihuahuas, Great Danes, cats, horses, and a trouble maker parrot. Her hobbies include wine-tasting and riding her horses.

Dr. Lisa Polazzi, DVM

Lisa Polazzi

Dr. Polazzi joined NCVEC even before it opened. She came on board to help set up our first location in Westville. Dr. Polazzi always wanted to become a veterinarian and her career has been focused on emergency veterinary medicine. In addition to completing an internship at an emergency clinic in North Carolina, Dr. Polazzi also worked at an emergency clinic in Atlanta, Georgia prior to joining North Central Veterinary Emergency Center (NCVEC). She has enjoyed helping grow NCVEC from an after-hour start-up emergency clinic to two thriving 24/7 emergency hospitals. Dr. Polazzi says, “There is nothing as rewarding as sending home a sick or injured pet after several days in the hospital.”

In her spare time, Dr. Polazzi enjoys training her dogs and competing with them in agility and flyball. She is one of two County veterinarians for La Porte County and is an active volunteer with the Dog Agility Project in Porter County. She somehow also finds time to enjoy hiking, reading and traveling. 

Dr. Lindsy Power, DVM

Dr. Power grew up in a Navy family, moving to a new location every few years. With homes in California, Florida, and Virginia, change was the constant. One thing that her family instilled in her from a very young age was love and respect towards animals. She volunteered in a shelter setting as soon as she was old enough to and her interest in a veterinary career blossomed from there.

Dr. Power was drawn towards emergency medicine after working as a veterinary assistant in a busy emergency clinic in Virginia Beach during her gap year prior to entering veterinary school. She loves being able to help people when their pets are at their worst and provide excellent patient care to those animals in need. She loves NCVEC due to the compassionate and welcoming environment is provided to a new graduate. 

Dr. Power met her husband, Dr. Masri, during the first day of their veterinary school orientation at Purdue. They graduated together, moved, got married, and started new jobs in the Northwest Indiana area in just two short months. They currently live with their two cats, Lillie and Luna, and their bunny, Roro. Her hobbies include knitting, hiking, being a crazy cat mom, and traveling as much as possible. 

Dr. Lori Ross, DVM

Lori Ross

Dr. Ross wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl.  After receiving her master’s degree, she was even more excited to become a veterinarian because it combined her love of science with her love of helping animals. Dr. Ross has always had a passion for emergency and critical care veterinary medicine. She enjoys the fast-paced environment of emergency work and appreciates the challenge of caring for critically ill patients who don’t have a voice to tell you what they are feeling. She loves solving the puzzle of why a pet is ill and making a positive impact on sick or injured animals. She appreciates the opportunity to work with colleagues to treat seriously ill pets and their very concerned owners. 

Dr. Ross shares her home with five senior cats – Keesa, Felix, Otis, Rowan and Milo (who at 12 years old is still a troublemaker) and one young cat, Biscuit, who is even more of a troublemaker. She also has two dogs: Kill, a senior Labrador retriever and Lincoln, a golden retriever puppy. 

Dr. Jeff Wallis, DVM

Dr. Wallis knew from a very young age that he wanted to become a veterinarian. Working at the Michigan Humane Society solidified his interest in veterinary medicine and helping the most vulnerable animals.  After spending 10 years in general practice, Dr. Wallis now enjoys the variety of cases he treats in emergency and intensive care and appreciates the new skills he has developed. He is thankful he can help animals and their families during some of the most challenging and emotional times. 

Dr. Wallis spends his free time training for half marathons, camping, traveling, and most importantly, spending time with his family. Dr. Wallis, his wife, and son share their home with Linus, a golden retriever, and Pig Pen, an orange domestic shorthair cat. 

Our Management

Deana Schneidt
Practice Manager

Deana has more than 20 years of experience as a veterinary assistant in small animal, mixed animal, and specialty animal veterinary practices.  She joined the NCVEC team in 2011 after obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in biology.  

In 2014, Deana became part of the NCVEC management team. Her responsibilities included helping to open NCVEC locations in Highland, IN.  In 2017 Deana began managing both the Westville and Highland locations.  She will complete the Purdue Veterinary Practice Management Program in February of 2020 and continues to empower and elevate her team into leadership positions as well.  

Outside of work, Deana enjoys singing, riding horses and cuddling with her bulldogs.