Ophthalmology at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center

Pet Ophthalmology & Referral FAQs

1.) Why should I refer patients to see a veterinary ophthalmologist?
North Central Veterinary Emergency Center is able to provide excellent board-certified specialty care for eye conditions in pets. Ophthalmic symptoms ranging from injury/infection to chronic and degenerative conditions affecting the eyes of pets can be evaluated and treated effectively at our facility. Our specialist, Dr. Stiles, is among the most highly credentialed veterinarians in the country when it comes to pet eye care and is able to diagnose, medically manage, and perform outpatient procedures by referral at our facility. Our Ophthalmologist can also administer CERF exams to screen for eye abnormalities in breeding animals.

2.) What does an ophthalmic appointment involve?
Our Ophthalmologist performs a thorough ophthalmic examination. After examining the patient, the Ophthalmologist will explain the condition, discuss any diagnostic tests that may be necessary, and outline all recommended therapy and costs.

3.) How long does the initial appointment last?
The initial examination, consultation, and testing with the doctor will last approximately 30 minutes.

4.) How should my client prepare prior to the appointment?
Our referral coordinators will work closely with you and the visiting client to gather a thorough medical history and ensure both the client and patient are well prepared for their visit.

5.) What role will the referring veterinarian play after the appointment?
After each visit, a referral letter will be sent to you detailing all of our clinical findings, laboratory test results, diagnoses, and treatments. Close communication with our Ophthalmologist is extremely important at this stage, so please stay in touch with us following the appointment.

6.) What days are available for my patients to be seen by the Ophthalmologist?
The Ophthalmologist will be at our facility every other Friday. Please be sure to call ahead to schedule a referral visit.

7.) What is the price of initial consultation?
Initial consultation is $125. This does not include any special tests or medications. An estimate will be given before any procedure or additional service is rendered.

Please contact us with any questions about pet ophthalmology and referrals at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center.