Dermatology at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center

Meet Our Dermatologist

Dr. Alondra Martin received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Mississippi State University and completed her Dermatology Residency at Purdue University. Due to her strong love of animals, fascination with skin conditions, and her ability to build terrific relationships with clients, she chose to specialize in veterinary dermatology, and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. She’s not the only one in the family to feel passionately about the health of animals– including herself and her husband, there are four veterinarians in the family. Dr. Martin is a proud mama of a little girl and a boy, a Giant Schnauzer named Brinks, and Emily, a horse she rescued from being euthanized due to a rare skin disease called Ehler Danlos (Emily is extremely thin skinned and can’t be ridden as a result). Dr. Martin’s special interests are chronic skin conditions including allergies and autoimmune diseases. Please see below for an overview of frequently asked questions about pet dermatology services at North Central.

Pet Dermatology & Referral FAQs

1.) Why should I refer patients to see a veterinary dermatologist?
In order to provide the most effective diagnostics and treatment options for your patient, you may refer to North Central Veterinary Emergency Center for advanced care and evaluation of a skin condition. Our resident dermatologist, Dr. Martin, is distinguished in her field and one of only 145 veterinarians in the country to be board certified by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. In addition to dermatology, Dr. Martin also has expertise in immunology and histopathology, giving us the ability to properly diagnose pet allergies and devise effective treatment regimens on a case-by-case basis.

2.) What does an appointment involve?
Dr. Martin will review each pet’s ENTIRE medical history during an appointment. Please ensure we have received all medical records for your patients. After reviewing the medical history, Dr. Martin performs a thorough dermatologic examination. Following the exam, Dr. Martin will explain the nature of the problem, discuss diagnostic tests that are recommended, and outline recommended therapy and costs.

3.) How long does the initial appointment last?
The initial dermatological examination, consultation, and testing will last one to two hours.

4.) How should my client prepare prior to the appointment?
One of our referral coordinators will work closely with you and your client, gathering a thorough history to ensure your client and patient are prepared for the visit. This will include a history of medications the patient may have been taking over the past year.

5.) After the first appointment, what role will the referring veterinarian play?
After each visit, a referral letter will be sent to you detailing all clinical findings, laboratory test results, diagnoses, and treatments. Close communication with Dr. Martin and the referring veterinarian is critical in maintaining the highest level of care for the patient.

6.) What days are available for my patients to be seen by Dr. Martin?
Dr. Martin will typically be at our facility on Tuesdays. Please call ahead to schedule all referral appointments.

7.) What is the price of a dermatological consultation?
Initial consultation is $150. This does not include any tests or medications. An estimate will be given prior to any procedures or treatment.

Please contact us with any questions about pet ophthalmology and referrals at North Central Veterinary Emergency Center.